Why am I getting bounced back e-mails when I never send it to the original recipient?

We're not able to stop that because of this type of spam which is called spoofing. Spoofing doesn't impact anything but can be annoying and only thing we can hope is that the spammer gives up move on.


i.e. spammer e-mails group of random e-mail addresses that gets generated by a software in the system, and in the from or reply to address they put the e-mail pretending to be:   Because many addresses are random and it gets generated by a software so If the users don't exist then it bounce back and that gets forwarded  to 

Another example, if I were to send letters to group of random people (1234567 kiwilink road, BroTown )  and in the from address I put your address. When postman cannot find that address then they classify this as non-delivery and needs to be send back to the sender. In this case the sender is your address so the letter gets send back to the person in the from address which is yourself.


Where to find more Features on “HOW-TO” Set Up?
If I can not remember star codes for all VOIP options – is there an easier way?

Yes - you can use the IVR menu for features. Simply dial *99 and listen to the prompts. Or you can log into Kiwilink VoIP portal  and change your settings online.

How do I pick up any calls within my group of network?
To pick up any calls within the network     - Dial *88 (star 88) and you will be connected to the caller.
How to transfer a call?

Transfer with Cisco IP Phones:

  1. Attended Transfer (when you want to advise your colleague that there is a call for them) – XFER -> Ext number -> press dial - >when other person answer it tell then there is a call for them and then press XFER again to transfer.
  2. Blind transfer( to transfer the call straightaway) - Bxfer   ## (ext) number # to activate and the call will go through


INBAND transferthis method is compatible with any phones, devices and softphone- X-Lite.

  1. Attended Transfer – press #0 and then xxxx (x means the other person’s full number or their short extension number) and then tell them about the caller on the phone and the caller will be transferred when we hang up the phone.
  2. Blind transfer – press ## and then the other person’s full number or their short extension number and then to send the call through we end with # again.