What Is VoIP?

Can I keep my current phone number?

Yes Kiwilink can port your phone number.

Can I call normal phones using VOIP?

Yes, you can, you can call normal phones as well as mobile phones on any network in the world.

Can I use a normal telephone?

Yes you can! If you use a Analogue Phone Adapter (aka ATA) Device you will be able to use your existing handset no matter if it's corded or cordless, simply plug your handset into the device and you can use VOIP in just the same way as your existing Telecom connection.

What are concurrent calls and how do they work for 1 or more phone lines?

The same phone number can have 5 concurrent calls. You can have as many separate phone numbers as you like.
so 1 line can have several phones attached to it.
Or you could have 1 line for each person (e.g. worker or family member) The benefit of having more than 1 phone line is so you can call transfer between them and each line can have its own voicemail, etc The main number can have an auto-attendant saying welcome, dial 1 for John, 2 for Mary or 3 Susan

Is this easy to install?

Yes, installing VOIP is very easy. If you are using the VOIP device supplied by Kiwilink you simply plug 1 cable into your internet connection and then plug your phone into the VOIP Device. Everything else we configure on our end for you.

Can I get VOIP in my area?

Yes. No matter where you are in New Zealand Kiwilink can provide you with a VOIP connection. Just make sure you have a broadband internet connection first

Do I have to leave my computer on to use Kiwilink?

No, your computer can be switched off, however you will need to leave your modem or router on to make and receive calls. The Voice Adapter takes care of the rest, making your broadband phone as easy to use as your regular phone.

What happens if I lose my internet connection

If you lose your internet connection you can setup your phones to automatically redirect to another number (e.g. your mobile) so you will not lose any incoming calls

What if I have a monitored alarm?

Most monitored alarm services will not work on a VoIP line unless you have special hardware and an alarm monitoring company setup to do this.